Mori Motonari

"The sun smiles upon me!"

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Anonymous asked: What is your favorite printed undergarment?

When that becomes your business, you will be the first to know. 

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My absence has been quite long

I would ask forgiveness for this.  However, I have my doubts that anyone noticed.  Still, I will explain where I have been, more so for my own benefit than anything.  It will be good to have an account of my exploits on hand to commemorate my actions, as it were.

Some time after my birthday, I began to oversee the building of a new castle in a sunnier location.  The work had actually started a month prior, but I had fallen ill and had not felt up to standing around in the cold.  Yes, I have recovered splendidly, and I am pleased to say that I and my household are now residing in my summer retreat of sorts.  I am not going to say where it is.  This shall hopefully spare me the annoyance of uninvited guests for at least a month.

The estate is quite lovely, with several gardens and my own private onsen, of course.  I shant describe the surrounding areas too much, less Sarutobi figure it out and appear to annoy me.  

Also, I was overtaken by a sort of plague involving rabbits.  They were everywhere, chewing and eating things.  I sought to slaughter all except for Chosokabe J.r. but then I was advised to give them homes with small children.  This is what I did.  Now, I am thankfully down to one rabbit.  One is enough.  He is doing just fine in time out.  He will learn yet that just because I am not looking, it is not suddenly alright to eat the vegetables in my dinner.  He will learn or he will become fond of living under an upside down basket.

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Mouri Motonari-dono.


Unfortunately, my Lord found himself in the impossibility to join you on this important day. Knowing the man, I’m sure he would have enjoyed tasting sake with you. Still, all of Echigo will be praying for your health and prosperity.

On the behalf of my Lord Kenshin and Echigo, I present you this gift.

Please accept it.

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"It would have been a lovely day for such things.  Do tell your lord that I accept his apologies and that I understand the situation."

He opened the box and chuckled at the gift inside.  ”Lovely.  I shall cherish it.  Please send my thanks.”

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Two birds with one stone


[Magoichi watched silently as the man came into the room and bowed her head politely.]

I hope I’m not intruding upon the one day when you should have the peace and comfort of your dreams, but I wished to give you a gift that I purchased earlier this week for you. I do hope you’ll accept it.

[Smiling, Magoichi set the wrapped package on the table before her, hoping that Motonari would like the gift. It had almost called to her when she had first seen it.]

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He also nodded to her and took a seat, ignoring the servants that scrambled to serve tea on a short notice.  

"How kind of you," he smiled briefly and looked to the wrapped package.  A gift for him— it was so unusual to him, but then again, it wasn’t.  His servants and the people of the land gave him many gifts on this day, but always because they wanted his favor for varying reasons.  They were never given in earnest like this.  

Mori picked up the package and ripped into the wrapping until he revealed the box.  Astonished, he ran his fingers over it.  

"Such fine craftsmanship," he smiled again.  "I thank you for this."

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Two birds with one stone


[Magoichi double checked her supplies once more, making sure that she hadn’t forgotten anything. When she was satisfied that she had everything she needed and wanted to bring, she quickly packed them up, saddled her favorite horse (whose name is Yoru for anyone who is curious :P), and went out on her way. She had two stops ahead of her.

The first was Aki.

The trip took a good part of the day and even if the man didn’t wish to entertain her, she could at the very least, drop off the present she’d gotten for him. It was a gorgeous thing and she’d packed it extremely carefully to make sure it wouldn’t break. Upon arriving at his gate, she dismounted, grabbed his present carefully in her hands, making sure it hadn’t broken, and then walked forward, the gift in one hand, her horse’s reins in the other.

Standing there, she wondered if she should knock. Well, that was impossible, wasn’t it?]

Motonari, are you home? I wish to speak with you.

He was a realistic man that had not at all expected the ridiculous performance of Shinee songs that he’d asked Yukimura and the others for.  It had been a joke more than anything and not a real goal.  In reality, he had insisted on no party this year and for the day just to stay home and rest.  If he was going to be bored half to death on his birthday, he might as well do it on his own terms.

He was in the middle of dessert when he was notified that someone had come to see him.  A servant would be the one to greet Magoichi while another alerted the lord to the presence of a visitor and helped him become presentable.  Magoichi would be taken to the sitting room, and a short while later, Motonari appeared, looking wary.

"It has been quite a while…"